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Everybody wants a Healthier Economy

A vibrant place to live


And Economically 

And that is our goal here. 

When you have big, audacious, long-term goals

You have to make decisions differently. 

As eating a salad today

won’t give you a six-pack tomorrow.

It’s the collective intention and action pushing forwards regardless of the situations that may hold us back.


That will get us to our destination of a community grounded in local ownership


Buying Local

When you can

When it makes sense

And with intention

Is the single most important thing you can do to make your town a better place

Culturally and Economically.   

If you want to live in a place

That has unique and inspiring business

Then you have to support it 

It’s about improving where we live,

To be a place other people want to be a part of.

Without sounding too Idealistic/Utopian

And assuming we have the same destination, 

If my destination of “better” and my doing whatever i possibly can

And you with a similar vision doing whatever you possibly can

We can only shoot towards a joyful, thriving local community. 


You are a part of the Eco-system you realize you can be part of the problem, or part of the solution.


When you support local business,

You invest into your economy,

Every purchase makes a difference.

it's about creating a mindset that local matters.